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Personal Isolation Padlock

IronSafe® Personal Isolation Padlocks are durable and rugged 30mm brass padlocks that have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of safety lockout applications.

These padlocks have been professionally developed over the years and have state of the art characteristics exclusive to S.A.S Locksmiths that are not available with any other safety isolation padlock on the market.


  • Solid brass case extrusion
  • High quality 4.8mm stainless steel shackle and locking bearings
  • Unique seven pin locking chambers and precision pins
  • Self latching or deadlocking (key retained)
  • Double ball locking shackle
  • Stainless steel, hardened locking pins to resist drilling
  • Improved locking springs
  • Anti bump pinning system
  • Unique serial code engraved on each padlock for easy identification
  • Australian Registered Design key, making duplicate keys only available with the correct authorization, eliminating the possibility of unauthorised key duplication
  • Rotating Registered Design profiles allowing unique key security with an unlimited number of individual key codes with no chance of key code duplication
  • Engraving available
  • Available in a range of shackle sizes
  • Available in a range of colours to suit any mining requirement
  • Available with or without covers and boots
  • Available in any configuration of keyed alike or keyed to differ 

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