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Miscellaneous FAQ

Do you have a call out fee?

Yes we charge a modest call out fee, which will range depending on how far you are from Perth CBD. We service all areas or Perth and the greater metropolitan area.


Do you charge for quotes?

Over the phone and in shop quotes are free of charger. If you wish for us to come out to your premises we charge a call out fee, and if you want to go ahead with the quoted job there will be no additional call out fee when we come out to do the work.


Can you cut keys?

Yes we can! We carry thousands of blank keys for doors, windows, cars, filing cabinets, safes and more. 

Just bring in your key and we'll find you a match


Do you have a skeleton key that works in all locks?

It’s a common misconception that skeleton keys exist, unfortunately (or fortunately) they do not. There are such things as master keys, but these are only in systems where they have been installed specifically, eg. An apartment building where the strata has a master key that will open every door, but the tenants only have a key that will open their doors.


Do you fix shoes?

No we don’t fix shoes. Becoming a locksmith is a 4 year course that requires lots of training and police clearances. The guys that cut keys and fix shoes in shopping centres are just that, shoe fixers and key cutters.


Can you sell me your special Locksmithing tools?

Sorry we aren’t allowed to do that. Our specialty tools have serial codes and are registered to our names to prevent them getting into the wrong hands. There are laws in Western Australia and most of the other states regarding carrying Locksmithing tools without a Locksmith license.