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Kaba quattro restricted key and cylinder

Restricted key systems are uniquely designed keys that provide the ability to limit the number of people who can obtain a duplicate of a particular key. These keys systems can be as simple as having a unique key shape or as complex as completely individual functional designs. With multiple brands and systems designs ready to be customised to your requirements, S.A.S Locksmiths can help you achieve total key control.

Most key designs will have design patents preventing other manufacturers producing the blank keys needed to make the keys. At inception of a restricted key system, S.A.S Locksmiths will request the information and signatures of all persons who will be authorised to order/request additional keys and will need to prove identity before additional keys will be issued.

From the more simple systems that use an individually shaped or 'profiled' key to prevent access to blank keys to the highly sophisticated 'maximum security' restricted key systems like Abloy Protec and Kaba Expert, there is a simple solution to eliminate the concern of unauthorised key duplication in all domestic, commercial, industrial or government applications.

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