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If you need a lockout lock, the experts at S.A.S Locksmiths are here to help. Although there is very little difference between a general use padlock and a lockout lock, there is a reason behind why we categorize these safety padlocks as we do.  

Lockout locks and safety padlocks are completely designed and built with only one purpose in mind – safety. Whether it is for a mine site or factory, there is no more efficient way to lockout a machine or device than with a uniquely keyed lockout lock.  

When used along with some of the complementary lockout lock accessories and equipment, you can achieve the best possible safety systems and procedures to ensure that compliance standards are met and exceeded.  

S.A.S Locksmiths have been specialists in the mining safety sector for over 20 years. During this time, we’ve overseen the supply, installation and maintenance of mining safety lockout procedures for some of Australia’s largest mining companies. To find out more about our lockout locks, contact us today.