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If you’re looking for mortice locks, look no further than S.A.S Locksmiths. These locks have the major component cut into the edge of the door, while the handle and key cylinders are connected to it from the face of the door. Mortice locks are the most commonly used locks on high use commercial properties as they are able to withstand extremely high amounts of traffic. They are also widely adaptable to keying and access control systems.

There are two main types of mortice locks, euro cylinder and oval cylinder,  however, there are still many of the more traditional lever mortice locks around. As the names suggest, the difference is in the type of cylinder or key used to operate the lock, but there are many differences in the designs and functionality. In Australia, the oval cylinder mortice lock is widely used and is available in variations to suit narrow stile doors, aluminium frame doors and standard timber doors.

There are hundreds of different furniture and cylinder options that will work with a mortice lock. All major keying systems will make cylinders for use on a mortice lock.

Selecting the right mortice lock for a particular use can be extremely difficult when browsing through the hundreds of combinations of components. Which is why we’ve made the selection process easier with our mortice lock product builder.

For Perth’s leading range of mortice locks, choose S.A.S Locksmiths. To find out more, contact us today!