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Locksets, is the term used to describe an ‘all-in-one’ type door lock. Most commonly they are a door knob or lever that will have a key in the handle itself. This design of lock would be the widest used lock in Australia in both domestic and commercial situations as it provides the most flexibility and simplicity to the users.


Although we refer to these products as locksets, they are available in non lockable versions as well as privacy locking versions; this is to allow a standard handle design throughout a home or building. Newer designs of locksets will incorporate a plate on which the lever or knob is mounted. Some of the most common types of these would be the Gainsborough Trilock and the Lockwood Nexion.


As a general rule, a lockset is intended to be used in addition to a deadlock, deadbolt or deadlatch and although the most of the physical security would be provided by the deadlock, a good quality lockset can be the difference in whether or not access is gained.