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Door furniture is the name given to the handles and plates that are mounted on a door and are mostly used in conjunction with another lock component. Primarily, mortise locks are the most common types of locks that require door furniture to be installed with them, to allow correct functionality.


There are hundreds of handle designs from dozens of manufacturers and the main differences are the shape and design of the handle itself. Usually, the appearance of the handle is the primary reason for selecting a furniture set, however, as there are many variations if the materials used to produce door furniture, you should be sure to get the right advice when making your decision.


For example, there are lever shaped handles that are made from cast metals and are coated with a plating to achieve the desired colour finish. These handles will not be as robust as a handle made from solid brass. Also, if your property is located near the ocean, you should choose a finish with an anti tarnish guarantee to ensure a better look for longer.


As well as using the product information in the appropriate categories, our expert team can provide a recommendation of the most appropriate door furniture for any application and still provide a wide variety of aesthetically pleasing designs to suit the desired appearance.