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Door closers help to provide a solution to a number of issues relating to door operation. Whether it be noise reduction, controlling access or environmental reasons, a door closer can be the most simple and cost effective way to achieve your access requirements.


There are several different types of door control devices including floor spring closers, transom closers, standard door or frame mount closers and gate springs. The most important part is selecting the correct unit for the required application.


Most door closers have a rating system which is designed to match a door closer to a door by either the size or the weight of the door. Although it may be cheaper to use a lower rated door closer than suggested, it will always be more cost efficient in the long term to choose the right one.


With access to all major brands including Lockwood, Dorma, Ryobi and Kaba, you can be sure to get the right door closer for your doors the first time.