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Carbine ProductsCarbine is the next generation in locking. Carbine is a high-end brand of locking that is chosen by locksmiths. Carbine comes in a commercial and a residential series.

Until Carbine, developments in mechanical locking systems had been few and far between. Even when a locksmith saw a way of improving a current series of locks, there was little desire on the part of the manufacturers to change what 'always has been the way'.

Carbine pushes the boundaries and looks to solve the problems that have dogged the industry for years. For instance, in the past, padlocks were manufactured in either 'key retained' mode OR 'snap shut' mode. In order to change from one mode to the other, a locksmith had to buy a separate component and then fit it accordingly. To solve this problem, the design team at Carbine created a next generation padlock that could be both 'key retained' AND 'snap shut' without the use of separate components. Padlocks were changed forever!

The design team at Carbine is committed to continuing to develop the next generation in locking. Their plans are a closely guarded secret, but when their products come to market you can rest assured they will quickly become the new standard in their category.